About Me

My name is Jennifer Dudziec. I am a Master Certified Mental Performance Coach & Certified Sports Psychology and Life Coach Counselor.

About me

I hold a degree in Psychology with a concentration in sports and exercise science from William Paterson University.


I have worked with hundreds of athletes on the mental and physical components of their sports, and throughout the years, I’ve noticed the massive need for counseling in sports. That is what led me to this career field today. I have witnessed the many highs and lows athletes go through during their sport journey.  

As a Mental Performance Coach Counselor, it is my job to put struggling athletes, from children to adults, back in control of their game and help them learn the mental and emotional skills necessary to set them apart from others. I focus on building up and encouraging their g-esteem, as self-confidence is one of the most important components of great athleticism.
Mental toughness is key to successful athletic performance and can be the difference between winning and losing. I work with athletes at all skill levels, ages, and sports to develop individualized plans. I teach the mental skills necessary to overcome barriers and help enhance athletic performance. I would love to work with you or your child. If you know someone who could benefit from my services, please forward them my phone number and have them get in touch (973)-713-7167. I would love to help!
Everyone works hard. Everyone practices, but not everyone trains their mind. That is how you beat your competition.
Jennifer Dudziec


Why Athletes Need Mental Performance Training.

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Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

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Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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ACCG Accredited ADHD Coach

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Member of ABC, DEF

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Career Specialty Services Provider, CSS

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